Qualia Soup

Once again, I  am pleased to have found a good dose of wisdom on YouTube, courtesy of a user known as Qualia Soup. He posts a series of Flash-animated videos that crisply address several scientific and philosophical topics, particularly arguments in favor of freethought, reason, and skeptical inquiry; and a critical dissection of religious dogma, illogical thinking, and pseudo-scientific ideas such as intelligent design.

Personally, I find the videos to be of great quality and are well presented, with good narration and structure (his scholarly English accent certainly helps). What I like most is the way he addresses his given topic in a clear and concise manner, dealing with common misconceptions and presenting the material in a way that engages those viewers with little understanding of the topic without being patronizing. I respect anyone that can find a balance between properly explaining a subject and doing so in a way that is easy to understand (especially when it comes to relatively difficult topics such as logic, evolution, morality, and so on). My only (minor) criticism is his tendency to move a bit too fast sometimes.

The following are a few of my favorite, though I haven’t seen them all:




I encourage you to look into more of his work. I think even my religious friends could appreciate some of the interesting arguments he presents, and could no doubt agree with at least some of the irrational arguments and beliefs he invalidates.  At the very least, I hope this encourages some reflection and open-mindedness, whether you agree with the arguments or not. As always, my purpose is nothing more but to share certain philosophical and logical positions that appeal to me, either to enlighten others or to initiate a discourse (be it with me, my resources, or within your own mind).

Hope you all enjoy.