The Art of Creating Art

Often times, the process of making art can be a thing of beauty onto itself. This has been beautifully conveyed by a video from the California-based American Museum of Ceramic Art, which depicts several ceramics masters creating a masterpiece as part of the 5,000-year ceramics tradition of Icheon, South Korea.

The seven-minute video is beautifully done in its presentation; it made me feel at peace during my lunch break. The focus on each craftsman’s precision, patience, and attention to detail is breathtaking, highlighting just how much goes into those beautiful artistic pieces we so effortlessly view and admire.

The video was released in 2013 to mark the first-ever exhibition of over 230 Korean ceramic pieces on American soil. Unfortunately, “ICHEON: Reviving the Korean Ceramics Traditions”, has long since passed, although you can see some photos and information about it here. I’d definitely love to pay a visit to this interesting museum someday.

Video is courtesy of and my dear friend Drake for bringing it to my attention.