Sarvodaya Turns One Year

I almost missed it, but today is my blog’s first anniversary. Last January 25th I made the decision to create a blog dedicated – as the tagline indicates – to whatever topic my mind wanders to. Random thoughts and reflections, favorite quotes, something I just read or saw – everything I could literally think of was open game. I finally had a venue for expressing myself to the world, a place where I could gather all of my cherished contemplations and experiences.

It was a very slow and difficult start, and I almost put aside the whole thing more than once during the course of the first half-year. My posts were time consuming, writer’s block was frequent, and time and energy were often in short supply. My lack of technical prowess made navigating through WordPress, simple as that now is, a considerable chore at first. But I was determined to have my own little niche on the web, and at this point I feel a lot more adept at posting everyday (sometimes more than once) and tweaking my blog into something more presentable and welcoming (i.e. coming up with a more attractive design, better manageable post length, etc).

I had other intentions in mind when I made Sarvodaya, but I won’t take up any time or space sharing them since I’ve done so many times before. The fact is, regardless of my reasons for blogging, it would all be meaningless if I didn’t have an audience that actually cared to read and respond. Each of you is the only reason this blog is still around. My most cherished activity besides reading wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for each of you investing your time and effort to validate my expressions.

Truth be told, I’d probably still be posting at least occasionally even if I didn’t get any views, just as I did during the first few months that I started writing. But my drive wouldn’t be as great if I didn’t have open-minded people with whom to exchange views and experiences. Doing something that involves other people, even in the most passive sense as this one, is a great motivator.

There are around one hundred million blogs out there, many of them written by people of far greater prominence and following. My competition is fierce, and in this fast-paced and data-saturated society, people have very little attention to go around. The odds were against me from the start, and I’m still grateful for whatever views and subscriptions I can get.

In short, thank you. Thank you all for supporting my writing with your readership. Whether you’ve merely skimmed through a single post or read through every single one, I’m very appreciative. I look forward to continue writing well into the foreseeable future. I can no longer remember what it’s like not to have a blog to update at least once or twice a week, if not daily. I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

Many thanks and well wishes to you my dear readers.