Great Philosophy Podcasts to Consider

Whether you have a deep passion for philosophy, or have just started exploring it, I think the following podcasts are well worth your time (especially if, like me, you deal with long commutes during the week and could use some mental stimulation to make the most of it).

History of Philosophy 
An extensive but digestible overview of the different developments, major thinkers, and schools of thoughts regarding philosophy across the world.

Ethics Bites
A series of interviews and discussions covering a broad range of moral and ethical topics, including climate change, animal rights, euthanasia, corporate responsibility, plagiarism, in-vitro fertilization and art, pornography, censorship and free speech.

Philosophy Bites
Concise but detailed reviews of different philosophers and their ideas, from ancient times to the present.

Oxford Center for Neuroethics
This newer field of research concerns the ethical, legal, and social impact of developments in neuroscience and technology, such as the implications of altering human behavior or implementing cybernetics. Also deals with contemporary ethical issues.

Very Bad Wizards
A philosopher and psychologist come together to discuss matters related to morality, ethics, social psychology, experimental philosophy, and more. It has a very lighthearted and at times irreverent tone.

The Partially Examined Life
Episodes entail informal round-table discussions between philosophy buffs concerning a major philosophical question, concern, or idea. This is one of my personal favorites, and a great choice for those new to philosophy.

I am certain these are just a small sample of the many great resources out there, so please feel free to provide your own. If you are familiar with any of these, then also feel free to provide your thoughts and feedback, especially as I have not heard all of them too deeply. 

Hat tip to my friends Josh, Lance, and Anthony for informing me about some of these.


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