The first U.S. indigenous video-game company explains how their game Never Alone crosses cultural boundaries

I am greatly looking forward to this game, not only because it looks fun and intriguing in its own right, but to help promote similar efforts to bring new and unique perspectives into gaming.

Financial Post | Business

Can games be used to pass wisdom from one generation to the other? Can video games be used to explore, share and extend cultures, specifically cultures that are misrepresented or underrepresented in media today? Can games be used to engage people worldwide who have an interest in people with different worldviews, different systems to their values?

These were Upper One Games CEO Gloria O’Neill’s questions to the team from E-Line media, who would end up working on Kisima Inŋitchuŋa (Iñupiaq for Never Alone). The first U.S.-based indigenous video game company has been working with their partners at E-Line Media to put together an unprecedented gaming experience, following Nuna and her arctic fox companion in the upcoming Arctic puzzle-adventure. Creative director Sean Vesce and art director Dima Veryovka of E-Line, who’ve worked on titles like Tomb Raider and the SOCOM series, and Cook Inlet Tribal Council cultural ambassador Amy Fredeen…

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