Verdun (Vor Verdun)

A powerful excerpt that observes one of the most horrific and bloody battles in one of histories most horrific and bloody wars. In light of such staggering loss of life, it’s little wonder why so many Europeans were exhausted by the prospect of yet another war just twenty years later. Hat tip to Alexander for sharing.

Die Weltbühne in English Translation


The first ruins appear along the railway lines – starting roughly at Vitry. Ruins, buildings without roofs, plaster hanging down, beams sticking up in the air. Only a small section – then the area becomes orderly and repectable, clean and nicely-built again. A lot of the houses seem to be new. The train stops. A carriage in a siding has the word ›FUMEURS‹ written on a door. The first two letters are hidden by a post, only the rest of the word is legible.

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