Cool Music: Swedish Musicians Play Instruments Made Out of Ice



Musicians may be cool, but it’s unusual for their instruments to be cold.

Swedish musical group Ice Music is changing that by playing music on instruments made almost entirely of ice. Their songs are played on guitars, violins, cellos and even xylophones, all hand-carved out of sheets of ice by Ice Music’s founder Tim Linhart.

Linhart sculpts the body of the “ICEstruments” by hand, adding strings, fret boards and other parts to the sheets of ice that are lit from within. (Head over to Mashable to see pictures of the band’s hand-carved instruments.)

The instruments and the concert hall where Ice Music plays — a so-called “gigantic cosmic igloo” — are lit up in a colorful light display meant to rival the northern lights that light up the skies over Swedish Lapland.

You can listen to some of their songs here:

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