What the World Thinks of America in 10 Words or Less

NPR asked Americans living abroad to tell answer the following question in 10 words or less: What Do People In Your Host Country Think Of America?. Here are some of the answers (click the link to see them all).

Cheap iPhones, rap music and better movies exist in America.” — Russia

“Gun-loving but fun-loving; hard working but spoiled and fat.” — Hungary

“Americans are aggressive, paranoid gun-hoarders who don’t want social health care.” — China

“Americans are very patriotic and all have guns.” — Italy

“Full of contradictions: confusingly progressive yet behind the times.” — Spain

“Has a limited worldview and is absolutely crazy about guns.” — New Zealand

Notice a theme with many of these?

This is part of NPR’s “Project Xpat”, which explores the lives and experiences of Americans living abroad. It’s very interesting stuff, so check it out when you have the chance.


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