Around The World On Foot

NPR had a fascinating interview with Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Paul Salopek, who is engaging on a fascinating journey that I’ve long dreamed about: traveling the world by foot. 

“There’s something about moving across the surface of the earth at 3 miles per hour that feels really good,” he tells NPR’s Steve Inskeep.

Salopek plans to walk 21,000 miles total — from Africa to the Middle East, across Asia, down through Alaska and all the way to Tierra del Fuego. He calls it the “Out of Eden Walk” because the idea is to follow the path of human migration.

Along the way, he’s documenting the journey for National Geographic magazine. In fact, his journey is the cover story in this month’s issue, with photos by John Stanmeyer.

Salopek is currently 10 months into the voyage, and just crossed the border into Jordan from Saudi Arabia. He has faced numerous obstacles, he says, like extreme temperatures and dust devils. As well as manmade obstacles that are vastly different from what early Homo sapiens might have encountered.

It’s remarkable to imagine just how much our early ancestors went through. If we think traveling is difficult and expensive now, imagine being the very first to have done so without the benefit of knowledge or technology? I hope to engage in this life-changing pursuit myself some day. If the fifty-one year-old Salopek can do it, I’m sure I can pull it off — that leaves me plenty of time to save money.

Read more about his journey, and see gorgeous photos, on the official website.


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