What Does Success Mean to You?

Being successful is one of those perennial life goals — such as finding love or happiness — that is so universally vital to everyone’s lives yet so difficult to define. NPR has a great piece on the subject, which includes several TED talks that explore what it really means to be successful — is it about attaining financial wealth, status, and influence? Or is much more broad and individualistic? Hear the talks for yourself, or share your own views and experiences here!

For an existentialist like myself, success is about finding one’s purpose in life and feeling fulfilled in your existence. It’s about being content with your everyday routine, leaving a positive mark on the world, and self-actualization — e.g. realizing your full potential in a particular goal or area of your life, whether you seek to be an ideal parent or businessperson, or to create a masterful invention or work of art.

Of course, how you define success often varies during the course of your life. Dreams, goals, and purposes change with time, circumstances, and random epiphanies. Being successful is a continuous and ever-changing process, which is probably what makes it all the more valuable, since it gives us something to strive for.

Anyway, that’s my brief two cents on the matter. Do share your own!


One comment on “What Does Success Mean to You?

  1. The promise of success changes, as we age our dreams change. How we define success morphs into very different things. When we are younger success is defined by external sources, as we get to know ourselves we learn to define what is important to us alone without caring so much what others think.

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