An Interesting Rebuttal to a Concept of Free Will

Pretty interesting discussion on free will.
I’ve been pretty busy lately, so enjoy these debates in lieu of my own musings!

Why Evolution Is True

Just when I think there’s nothing more to be said about free will—after all, we’ve hashed over most of the points here—a new piece comes along with yet another take on the issue.

The latest slant, written by Dr. Peter Tse, is either deeply misguided or, less likely, profound in a way I don’t understand. I suspect it’s the latter, an essay that, in the end, is just a “deepity.”  Tse, a cognitive neuroscientist at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, has written a 1200-word defense of free will in New Scientist called “Free will unleashed” (unfortunately, it’s behind a paywall, though I give the reference below).

Although Tse doesn’t define free will, he appears to conceive of it as the condition of human behavior when, in a given situation, with all else equal, you could have done otherwise if you reran the tape of life. I used to hold…

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