Troubled World

The world is beset by so many dire problems that it’s difficult to even comprehend them in the first place, let alone figure out how to solve them. During the past two weeks alone, I’ve read about our oceans being emptied of life and acidifying, climate change intensifying, a looming global food crisis brought on by said climate change, and persistent economic troubles that are worsening inequality and poverty in dozens of countries.

While the world has always had it’s problems – and as a history buff, I’m well aware of that – they’ve never been on this scale nor have they even been this existential (save for the threat of nuclear war during the Cold War). The human mind wasn’t evolved to deal with issues of this magnitude, which most people can’t even piece together let alone bring themselves to solve. Heck, we have so many intractable problems affecting us on the local, state, and national level that most people don’t even think to begin on the largest scale of all.

How do we bring together a disunited world that is overwhelmed with too many other concerns and manipulated by elites who care little about these issues? Where do we even start? I thought I knew, but now I’m not so sure.


6 comments on “Troubled World

  1. I think we start by taking the rhetoric down several notches, getting off our high horses and coming to the table like human beings. But that is just me, I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

  2. Hi, I am from Australia.
    You may perhaps find what is communicated in these references quite useful.
    Plus an Open Letter written in response to the Kosovo crisis, at the request of a high ranking UNHCR diplomat. It was reworked in response to Sept 11, and was the precursor to the book introduced above.

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