Daily News Wire 7/21/12

  • It’s hard enough finding the will and resources to provide aid to the world’s starving masses. But  a new study suggests that giving food aid to conflict-ridden countries may actually be making things worse. It’d be cruel to think that what relatively little we provide to the world’s poorest is only furthering their plight. Perhaps more research is in order?
  • As the “War on Drugs” grinds on to no avail, prescription drug abuse is skyrocketing, leading to yet more doubts about the efficacy of fighting illicit drug abuse. If we can’t even stop people from misusing the legal drugs, what makes us think that after 40 years of trying, we’ll make a dent in the illegal kind?
  • Human overpopulation has been one of the most heated sociopolitical topics since the 1970s, so much so, that discussions about are considered taboo among many academic and policy making circles. Is this stigma deserved? More importantly, is overpopulation a serious threat after all?
  • Perhaps there’s been too much talk about Mitt Romney’s ties to Bain Capital. So I’ll leave you with a simple post that purports to clear it all up concisely.
  • In the United States, motherhood outside marriage now varies by class about as much as it does by race, and changes in family structure have broadened income gaps and posed new barriers to upward mobility. The socioeconomic consequences of this may be dire. Is there any social or economic trend in America that isn’t succumbing to inequality?

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