Love and Hate, By Ogden Nash

Love is a word
That is constantly heard.
Hate is a word
That is not.
Love, I am told
Is more precious than gold.
Love, I have heard
Is hot.
But hate is the verb
That to me is superb.
And love, just a drug
On the mart.
For any kiddie from school
Can love like a fool.
But hating, my boy
Is an art .

Ogden Nash, “Love and Hate”

4 comments on “Love and Hate, By Ogden Nash

  1. I had a horrible nightmare last night about your post yesterday.
    I’m reading a great book (Cognitive Surplus: Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age) today that was recommended by another blogger (Creating Reciprocity), but I’m reading it because of what I read here as well. I hope both of you realize how you are making a positive change in the world.

    • I’m sorry it gave you nightmares, but I appreciate you doing your part to make the world better too. I’ll check that book out for sure.

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