Girl Regains Hearing in Both Ears

A few months ago, I shared a heart-warming video about a young deaf woman who was overcome with emotion as she heard herself for the first time. I also reflected on the miracles of both scientific innovation, and the simple things we take for granted, such as having our full senses.

A friend has informed me that the woman, 29-year-old Sarah Churman, has now had the implants activated in both ears, allowing her to hear in stereo sound. You can learn more details about this on her blogbut below is the video.

It’s always great to see how science can improve the condition of our species, one individual at a time. I wish stories like this could encourage more public investment in scientific research. I hope to see the day when conditions and disabilities like these are overcome, when these sorts of solutions like implants are widely-available so as to be unexceptional.

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