Paedophryne Amauensis

That is the scientific name of the world’s smallest vertebrae, a frog that was formally described and classified only a few days ago. It was discovered in the summer of 2009 in Papua New Guinea, a region known for it’s almost unparalleled level of biological diversity – dozens of new and fascinating species have been discovered during the past couple of years.

That's a dime that it's sitting on.

It’s fascinating that despite how small and well-explored the world has become, it’s still yielding it’s beautiful bounty of life. The area where it was found isn’t even particularly large or well-known. Yet it’s one of the most biologically dense ecosystems in the world.

If you want to read a bit more about this amazing little creature, click here. Nature never ceases to astound me with its treasures. Even something as small as this can be greatly uplifting to behold.


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