Graffiti: A Global Art Form

I know I’ve become quite a booster for Foreign Policy lately, but I find that it covers quite a few interesting and eclectic topics for an international relations periodical. The topic of this article concerns graffiti transcending it’s American origins and becoming a global art form. It also delves a little bit into the rather touchy subject – for art aficionados at least – about how one defines art, and to what extent the creation of art, in particular graffiti, is truly about political or personal expression, counter-cultural transgression, or merely an act of impulsiveness.

I for one do view it as an art form, both for it’s aesthetic quality and it’s capacity to communicate all manner of ideas, thoughts, or feelings. I would love to find a comprehensive collection of graffiti from all over the world. I always find globalized cultural products of some kind to be fascinating, especially when they include a unique fusion of styles or the development of culturally-specific variations. It’s just another way human beings across the globe are being connected.

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