Little Miracles

In the video I’ve posted below, a young woman who has been deaf her entire life hears her own voice for the first time thanks to new advancements in cochlear implants (you can read her blog here). As you might imagine, her reaction is quite heartwarming and inspiring.

This video has touched me in more ways than one. Firstly, it reminds me of the vast benefits that have come out of the application and refinement of science, particularly when coupled with compassion for the public good.

Imagine the millions worldwide that will benefit from this sort of invention once it becomes tenable on a mass scale. Think of the myriad ways that centuries of innovation have already contributed to the well-being of humans today: the multiplication of human longevity to a near century (and increasingly beyond that); the eradication of dozens of debilitating and fatal diseases; the vast understanding we have about the complex world around us; and much more that could not fit within a single post.

But what most impacted me is the realization that numerous miracles enchant our lives on a regular basis, and that they’re very often overlooked and underrated. For the woman in the video, hearing her own voice brought profound joy; for the overwhelming majority of us, such an experience hardly merits any acknowledgement – it’s natural and unspectacular.

Yet much of what we consider to be “a given” is far beyond the reach of many others: an education, literacy, a warm bed to sleep in, good health, full-functioning limbs, eyesight – the list goes on. We could have been born with any number of disabilities and ailments; we could fall victim to crippling or fatal misfortune at literally any moment. Of course, probabilities vary based on circumstances and other factors, but they’re always there – no one is immune to the randomness of birth, freak accidents, or human action.

Basically – and I’ll gladly own up to this – I’m merely issuing another tired tract about the importance of counting every blessing and never taking anything for granted. As cliché as all that might be, it’s a lesson that nonetheless needs constant reinforcement. We’re too quick to forget the little miracles that pervade every moment of our lives, including the very fact that we have lives to begin with.

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